Greyhound Racing

greayhoundracingIn UK there is a very particular sport: Greyhound racing. A long time ago, this type of racing where not very popular and for some bookmaker it was not profitable to bet on greyhound racing. Nowadays, the story is different. UK bookmakers have developed different ways to bet on greyhound racing, and right now there is available all type of greyhound racing betting (including US racings) on all UK bookmakers. However, not all bookies offer the same type of betting; there are some that offer Race winner while others might offer Straight Forecast.

Greyhound racing might be a little similar to horse racing; however, this is not completely true. When is about type of betting and how to place a bet, greyhound racing differs from horse racing. UK bookmakers normally offer different opportunities to gamblers to win, they only need to know what bet places and how to do it. For example, in Race winner the greyhound (dog) must come first in order to win the money. In Straight Forecast gamblers should select two dogs to finish in 1st and 2nd. In this category it is important that the dogs finish in the order they were selected.

Besides this, there are other types of betting: Reverse Forecast and Tricast. The first one is similar to straight betting but here there are more chances of winning. Reverse betting allows gamblers to bet on two dogs (1st and 2nd) but here does not matter what is the order of the dogs to finish. And finally, in Tricast betting you must place bets on three dogs; in the same way that straight betting, here dogs must finish the racing in the exact order they were chose to finish; otherwise, the betting will be considered as a fail or a loser betting.